About our products

General Details
All kits are produced in etched brass or nickel silver. They can be assembled using superglue/ACC or epoxy resin, but we would strongly recommend that you attempt to solder them. If you haven't tried an etched brass kit before, our smaller kits may be a good (and cheaper) introduction to the craft before you attempt a more complex locomotive kit.

Prospective builders should note that they require considerably more skill than a plastic kit, they are most definitely not "toys". They are not suitable for unsupervised use or construction by children as they contain small and sharp components.

Our rolling stock kits contain etched brass frets, whitemetal castings, wheels, wire and glazing material. Where additional parts must to be supplied by the builder, this is fully described on this site and in the kit instructions, i.e. the kits are supplied complete (except for couplings, paint, transfers and the chassis for the FR brake van) are are designed to be relatively straightforward to assemble using fold-up parts, tabs and slot location, etc.

Full instructions are provided in our kits, including exploded diagrams where necessary and details on the history and painting of the vehicle.

Recommended Toolkit
The following should be enough to solder a simple etched brass kit. All can be obtained from Squire's or Eileen's Emporium in the UK - see the Useful Contacts page for details.
• 25 watt soldering iron
• 130 degree solder
• Soldering flux (Powerflow or similar)
• Selection of needle files
• Small (2") engineer's square
• Fibreglass brush
• Selection of small drills (0.3, 0.4, 1.0mm)
• Small pin vice
• Strong craft knife or tin snips for cutting parts from the fret

I have used copies of drawings obtained from the Ffestiniog Railway in some of my kits - permission was granted for their use and I'd like to acknowledge the help provided by the FR here.