Bits and Pieces
This page holds a few items which don't really fit anywhere else...
Motorising the FR four-wheel brake van
A motorised brake van could be used at the downhill end of a rake of Festiniog four wheel coaches to simulate a gravity train or to power one of the Festiniog England 0-4-0T locos in their original condition, into which it would be difficult to squeeze a conventional power unit. They could also be used at the head of a gravity train of slate wagons, although they weren't actually used in this way.
The inside of the van body is almost an exact fit around the old Graham Farish 'N' gauge HST motor bogie. Although these are now difficult to obtain, I am sure that other 'N' gauge four-wheel diesel chassis are also suitable, although the builder will have to devise their own mounting arrangements; a simple plasticard box inside the body should suffice in most cases.  I suspect that some of the Kato motor bogies could also be used but have not tried any of them.

FR Carriage Liveries
The history of Ffestiniog Railway carriage liveries is a complex one, which is not very well documented. The FR Heritage Group wiki contains most of the relevant information but usually under specific carriages, not as a guide to the prevailing livery at a particular time (although to be fair, I don't think there's ever been a period when only one livery was applied to everything).

Forming the Roof for our FR104/106 Composite Coach Kit
It's been pointed out by constructors of this kit that forming the roof can be something of a chore. We've found that the easiest way is to secure a sheet of 10 thou. plasticard around a suitable former - an empty beer can is ideal - with a bandage or similar. The tubular elasticated bandages used for ankle and wrist sprains are suitable, but don't expect to be able to use it afterwards. You may have to help out the bandage with a few substantial elastic bands. One it's secured, immerse it carefully in very hot water (boiling isn't really recommended) and leave for a few minutes. After everything has cooled down, you should have a sheet of curved plastic of approximately the right radius. Note that the instructions for this kit incorrectly quote the radius as being 55mm - it should be around 24mm.