Useful and Interesting Links
This page contains any links we think might also be useful to anyone interetsed in our kits. The Useful Contacts page gives details of suppliers we can recommend for tools and metarials etc., and the Bits & Pieces page holds a few thoughts and ideas which may be useful for the more adventurous builder and which don't really fit elsewhere.

Ffestiniog Railway Carriages
The Ffestiniog Railway wiki contains a useful description of the current carriage fleet with plenty of detail on the changes to these vehicles over the years. The Festiniog Railway Heritage Group promotes research and preservation of the line's history and is a useful and valuable resource for modellers.
Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways
The Ffestiniog Railway is the prototype for most of our products, and their website covers the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway (Caernarfon). For those who aren't familiar with either railway, the FR has put together two excellent YouTube video tasters which I've embedded below (I think they're so good they're worth watching even if you're a regular visitor...).